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Welcome to Hypersphere Design's SPOONFLOWER website. I have created this page so users can preview some of Hypersphere's designs in their FULL SCREEN glory. For best results please use your computer or tablet rather than your cellphone.
MORE... I started this page with the intention of representing all of my work here. But who knew that in less than a year I'd have created more than 2,500 designs. So I've built a growing, multi-page display to represent some of my personal favorites from each of my collections. If you're looking for a particular design you can check out the Design Index.

At SPOONFLOWER you can purchase many kinds of fabric, plus gift wrap and wallpaper from these designs. At their associated ROOSTERY site you can order various home furnishings, including pillows, placemats, bedding, etc. At their SPROUT site you can order clothing and/or clothing patterns with Hypersphere Design fabric. And there are other websites such as Zazzle and RedBubble where I can create everything from shower curtains to woven fabric. Just contact me at
--Arthur Bloch, Oakland, CA

Click on the images below. Then, on the following pages, click on any thumbnail to view an image FULL SCREEN.

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A few projects:

Some of the Hypersphere Design Collections on the SPOONFLOWER website.

Hypersphere Design "Catalan" throw pillows from ROOSTERY. Many fabric choices.

Tote bags available for purchase at ZAZZLE. Nice quality and often deeply discounted.
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